Directors / Members


  • Appoint / Terminate / Alter Details – Director
  • Appoint / Terminate / Alter Details – Shareholder
  • Nominee Shareholder – (50% off if incorporation is done through BIRR)
  • Nominee Director- (50% off if incorporation is done through BIRR)

Are you appointing a new director or member?
Are you terminating an existing Director or Shareholder?
Do you need to alter the details of a current Director or Shareholder?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then BIRR is able to help you.

The legal process for dealing with all of these procedures can often be tricky and complicated and the alteration of company registers, notifications required by the registrar and official documents that need to be presented and issued can be complicated.

BIRR can assist your company in any of these procedures and provides a professional and reliable service that will ensure that all the relevant areas of work are taken care of.

BIRR can also act as a Nominee Shareholder and/or Nominee Director for your company where required. Companies often use this service as they do not wish to be a Single Member Company and/or to give the appearance of being a larger outfit to competitors, suppliers and lenders.

It also ensures that in unfortunate circumstances your wishes for your company are dealt with professionally and there is a continued smooth operation of your business.

BIRR offers a discount on the price of acting as a Nominee Shareholder and/or Director should your company incorporate with BIRR.