Public Limited Company Incorporation

Give your company a more prestigious profile with a Public Limited Company. PLCs have the advantage of offering their shares for sale to the public through the stock exchange.

  • A UK PLC may offer to sell its shares to the public
  • A Certificate of Trading must be issued before the company begins trading
  • Must satisfy Companies House that it has at least 50,000 worth of shares issued and each share must have been paid up to ¼ of it’s face value
  • Must have a minimum of 2 shareholders and a minimum of 2 directors
  • The company secretary must be able to demonstrate they have the necessary skills and experience to carry out their duties

Company Secretary’s must have:

  • A position of company secretary or been a deputy company secretary as at 22 December 1980, or
  • Been a company secretary for three out of the last five years with a non private company, or
  • Be a legal person with the appropriate qualifications obtained in the UK, or
  • The confidence of the directors who feel that due to the personal experience and knowledge can discharge the required duties in the manner expected, or
  • Is a member of one or more of these professional organisations:
    • The ICAEW
    • The ICAS
    • The ICAI
    • The ICSA
    • The ACCA
    • The CIMA
    • The CIPA

Our comprehensive package will be incorporated within 5 days of ordering and includes the following

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Non-Trading
  • 6 Bound Copies of Memorandums & Articles of Association(You receive 5, one is held at Companies House)
  • 2 Share Transfer Forms
  • A hard back (loose leaf) combined Company Register
  • 5 Forms to Appoint New Director & Secretary (Form AP01)
  • A form to change The Registered Office (Form AD01)
  • A form to change The Accounting Reference Date (Form AA01)
  • Form 117

How to order

Please contact us through our enquiry form and we will obtain the necessary information to ensure the formation of your PLC. Alternatively call us on 0845 026 2460